All terrain vehicle

Application of linear displacement sensor in the whole vehicle
All terrain vehicle is a vehicle that can travel on any terrain, it is difficult to walk on the terrain of ordinary vehicles. Vehicle has a variety of uses, and is not affected by road conditions, with wide tires can increase the contact area with the ground, resulting in greater friction and to reduce the pressure of vehicles on the ground, making it easy to travel to the beach, river, forest, streams, and the harsh desert terrain. Can send personnel or transport goods.


For all the position of the car steering, throttle, brake and shift sensor, connection board, a customized customer service of all terrain vehicle manufacturers need a reliable and accurate position sensor, they can use the position related controls all permit the vehicle steering, brakes, throttle, transmission and other sports parts through the joystick control of a disabled and non disabled people, next to a disabled driver to switch the inventory control and take over, if necessary. TX2 Novotechnik meet their requirements, it is easy to be incorporated into their vehicle position control applications.

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