Dump truck

Dump angle displacement sensor used in the dump truck lifting
Dump truck is a truck, truck parts with automatic dumper truck. Also called tipcart. By the automobile chassis, hydraulic lifting mechanism, the cargo compartment and the force device and other components. Dump truck after to tilt and lateral tilt of two, through the manipulation of the system control rod movement backward tipping is common, push the piston rod and make the car rollover, a two-way tilting. The engine drives the hydraulic pump through the transmission and the force taking device, the high pressure oil flows through the distribution valve and the oil pipe into the lifting hydraulic cylinder. After the tilting more common, through the control system to control the movement of the piston rod, can make the car stop in any need to tilt the position. The carriage uses its own gravity and hydraulic control reset.

Waste disposal truck manufacturer's photo, here looks at the value and reliability of a position sensor in order to monitor the lifting mechanism of its truck. Good RSC2800 replaces four potentiometer with a single non contact sensor without dust and experience no wear. Because the vert-x 28 series is contained in a single unit with four features a sensor doing four of the work is possible.