Road sweeper

Application of angle sensor in four wheel steering control
The so-called four wheel steering is a vehicle steering process, the 4 wheels can be based on the front wheel or driving speed and other signals at the same time relative to the body deflection. The rear wheel of the four wheel steering vehicle can be opposite to the front wheel, and can be reversed. When you turn the steering wheel, front wheel steering gear is driven by the small gear rack type steering gear rack, the rack about movement and transformation as the rotation gear, the central axis of the rear wheel steering gear steering action. When the steering wheel is rotated, the rear wheel and the front wheel to the same direction. In recent years, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and other car manufacturers have introduced a concept car control system with four wheel steering, and some mature four wheel steering technology has been applied to the popularity vehicles, improve the active safety of the vehicle.


Road sweeping vehicles must be able to maneuver between parked vehicles, street furniture, road works and a variety of other obstacles. The four round reduces the turning cycle of such a vehicle, and provides the customers with the real benefits by selling the vehicle's functions. Sp2800 fitted with each vehicle. They are mounted directly to a front wheel and a rear wheel strut. When the driver opens the steering wheel, the micro computer adjusts the angle of the front / rear wheel to provide the best performance. It depends on the data signal from the sp2800 point of view.

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