Aircraft de icing machine

Application of multi turn angle sensor in aircraft de icing
In the history of civil aviation had many incidents due to aircraft icing caused by air accident, the ice has already become important issues of common concern to the Airport Airlines in addition to the aircraft, the aircraft icing in the airport generally occurs in winter and spring, and the airport is in icing sensitive period, a large number of procurement deicing equipment for. Required. Ice is the main work, deicing is auxiliary work, the ground before takeoff, if the frost, ice and snow attached on the plane, the plane can't take off because the ice will increase the resistance to motion of the aircraft in the air, if the wing parts of a large number of ice will be because of resistance, lift decrease stall, and deformation. So it is very important to check whether the aircraft is frozen. In addition to ice and ice protection is a part of civil aviation flight safety system, there is no major and minor points.


Aircraft icing is a very serious topic, so in the design of the vehicle device to take off the ice, no chance. An expandable boom lift operator and a sprayer operating height of the wing aircraft are delivered by the de icing of the aircraft surface through the spray spray. RSM Novotechnik 2800 magnetic encoder measures the angular position of the boom with 16 bit resolution gears in a small package.

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