A ship

Application of potentiometer angle displacement sensor in ship
The ship is a kind of artificial transportation which is mainly in the water. The interior mainly includes the accommodation space, the support structure and the drainage structure, and has the use of external or internal energy of the propulsion system. According to the propulsion power can be divided into non motor boats and motor boats, motor boats according to the type of propulsion is divided into steam ship (now obsolete), steam turbine ship, the ship diesel engine, gas turbine power plant ship, ship, electric propulsion ship and nuclear powered ship etc.;


The ship power device includes a propulsion device, the host reduction gear, drive shaft to drive the propeller (propeller is main type); auxiliary mechanical equipment and systems for running the service propulsion device, such as fuel pump, oil pump, cooling water pump, filter, heater, cooler and so on; it provides power to the ship power station. Ship deck machinery and auxiliary machinery and ship cabin lighting; other auxiliary machinery and equipment, such as boiler, compressor, ship the pump, lifting equipment, machine maintenance etc.. Usually the host (and boiler) outside the machinery referred to as auxiliary Novetechnick angle displacement sensor P4500 series, linear range 350 P4500, respectively, high rate, excellent linear, propulsion system for ship power

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