Aerial work truck

Application of angle sensor module in aerial work vehicle
Aerial vehicle refers to transport staff and the use of equipment and special vehicles to the scene to conduct air operations, self-propelled aerial lifting platform car developed with completely independent intellectual property rights, the hydromechatronics, reliability design and computer aided design technology, successfully developed a fully hydraulic drive, self-propelled special chassis, breaking the previous domestic aerial lift platform truck crane chassis can only use cars or refitting design constraints, chassis structure breaks through the traditional design theory and method, through the optimization of the car platform layout and load distribution, reducing the barycenter offset. Backstroke hinge structure with large angle unique, a reasonable set of these modules, effectively balance the moment. The crank arm type aerial vehicle suspension operation, can cross a certain disorder or in a place of lifting operation platform; carrying capacity, for two or more people at the same time and can carry a certain equipment; lifting platform mobility, transfer convenience; beautiful appearance, suitable for indoor and outdoor work and storage. For the station, wharf, shopping malls, residential property, factories, workshops and other large-scale aerial work.
RFC4800 series angle sensor NOVOHALL principle, non-contact, no wear space measurement, range 30-360 degrees, the range of the angle of the measurement range. The module can directly access all kinds of industrial control host, with excellent load capacity and anti interference ability. RFC4800 series angle module is low power consumption, high performance of the module, the maximum degree of convenience for customers to install.